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About us

The Recruitment Company that Shares & Cares

Would you, as Employer, like to get free and fast access to profiles from candidates that are interested in the job you have to offer? Not want to go through a big stack of resumes after placing a job advertisement to find the right candidate? Avoid heavy intake process and high costs of Executive recruitment?

We wondered why collaborative economy concept of for example Airbnb and Uber has not made their entry in recruitment yet?!  

So we formed a team of experienced hiring managers and some smart whiz kids and developed Premium Profiles, a collaborative economy model that will offer a unique recruitment solution.  

We worked out the “Affiliate Sharing and Caring” concept; a model where everyone wins! As bootstrap startup company, we built and tested the system to support this concept during the last 2 years and are excited to now finally launch our business concept!  

Next to offering an attractive fee for Employers, we want to be a “social” company in multiple ways. Using social media for marketing and rewarding financially social connecting with friends. Be social to share the fee we receive with the candidates and affiliates that make the successful placement possible. Also, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, by contributing part of our fee to a Charity organizations that support Education projects. Last but not least, we want to offer a fun, respectful and social work environment for our team everywhere in the world!  

Join us today and become a part of Our journey to change the recruitment landscape!

Our principles

Premium Scope

Premium Profiles is available for middle management and higher level positions. Occupying a small niche of the market with our low fee formula, we can offer our individual approach, make the best matches in a fast way, and give the proper professional Employer and Candidate support as required.

Transparent & Confidential

Ethical practices and integrity are key values for Premium Profiles’ way of working. We will never share Premium Profiles candidates’ information with Employers without consent of the persons involved. All information in possession of the Premium Profiles team is handled with highest confidentiality.

Sharing & Caring

Premium Profiles candidates will share in the earnings in the event of a successful placement. Introducing friends and providing Employer leads will result in rewards as well. In addition to sharing, Premium Profiles will also donate a fixed amount to Education related charity projects for each successful placement.

Economic Simplicity

We not spend big budgets on advertising. Smart digital marketing and reward for social crowd linking will be the basis to grow the biggest and best database of profiles in the world. With this premium database content both candidates as hiring companies will have the best chance of a successful match.

Virtual Global Footprint

We work globally, will serve Employers 24/7. We not have big offices, we work mainly through effective low cost individual work stations of our professional team, located all around the globe. This way we can keep our overhead costs low and our fees attractive.

Basic Service Concept

We aim to keep things simple; easy intake process, smart job matching system and we give Employers control of the selection process. We use an online portal to schedule interview appointments and email to track communication between Employers and interviewees. We have no office hours and will always respond within 24 hours.