Privacy Policy


Premium Profiles aims to ensure that the Privacy of the Users of our website is protected and that their experience will be safe and secure. That is the commitment of Premium Profiles and we highly value the trust of our Customers. Personal information of our Users and Customers are stored in a secure environment and will be utilized only for the purpose stated in this policy.


When you use our services, you consent that our company uses, collects and shares your personal data within the parameters covered in this policy. This includes your consent to the User Agreement.
Your consent covers any change or update in our Privacy Policy as long as you are using our services.


Premium Profiles reserves the right to change or update our Privacy Policy at any time. You will be notified of any changes via the company website and via email. You may close your account if you do not agree with the changes, but if you opt to continue using our services after the publication and notice of our changes to the Privacy Policy, it means that you consent to said updates and changes.

Information about you Last change: 26 August 2019

A) Information you provide to us

Generally, Premium Profiles collects personal data directly from you. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Information from your resume and data you provided via the registration form;
  • Communicating with Premium Profiles in person, via our website, by telephone, written letter, or email;
  • Reacting to job alerts that we send via email;
  • Presenting any other information in connection with your registration.

B) Information obtained from Others

We may also obtain personal data from employers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Any feedback about you (whether positive or negative) from Premium Profiles clients after job interviews with them;
  • Positive or negative Feedback of Premium Profiles’ clients regarding your work during the probation period;
  • Any complaint or incident related to you in the work environment.
  • Any feedback from reference checks with previous employers, colleagues and other parties you have been involved with professionally. (Reference checks will only be done with your explicit permission)


You have the right to, at any time, ask us for a copy of your information that we hold. If you would like to make a request for information, please contact [email protected]. We will require evidence of your identity before we are able to act on your request.

Premium Profiles only retains your personal data for as long as needed. As we intend to support candidates with services over many years throughout their careers, the purpose for which we retain candidate data is often an ongoing purpose. We perform regular data-cleansing and updating sessions with our candidates to ensure that we are not holding data for too long and that the data that we hold is still accurate. Your data will be permanently removed from our system should you request it or when no longer needed.

Disclosure and use of your personal data

Premium Profiles may use your information:

  • To provide recruitment services to or for you and to facilitate the recruitment process;
  • To compare and match your with job vacancies from Premium Profiles clients;
  • To share with clients in applying for jobs on your behalf;
  • To provide answers to any inquiries or questions that you may have.

Disclosure of your information

To facilitate our recruitment services on your behalf, we will disclose and distribute your information within Premium Profiles and its affiliates, as necessary.

We only provide your data, resume and other relevant information to prospective employers with your agreement. Case by case we will request your consent. By clicking "I'm Interested" in the job opportunity sent to you by Premium Profiles your data will be shared with the client. Please note that if you decide within the 24 hours of expressing your interest that you are no longer interested and in case your data has already been sent to the client we will revoke the access to your data but we are not responsible for any saved, downloaded or otherwise obtained data by the client.

Premium Profiles could engage a third party contractor to handle and process personal data. In this instance, Premium Profiles will contractually restrict the contractor from utilizing that information for purposes other than which was agreed upon.

In the event that Premium Profiles merges with or is acquired by another business, your personal information may be shared with Premium Profiles’ new, or potential, business partners or owners. Your consent to these situations is included when you agree to fill out and provide your personal data to Premium Profiles.

Should we be required by the law or any law enforcement agency to do so, we will release your data and/or information that relates to you.

Third party websites

Please bear in mind that there may be links and advertisements on our website and clicking on those links may result to your being rerouted to those websites, which data and privacy policies may differ from those of Premium Profiles. We are not responsible for any information or data collected by these websites and it is your responsibility to ensure that you read and agree with these third party policies.


Premium Profiles does not intentionally collect information from minors (children and youth under the age of majority (usually under 18 years old) as our services are not intended for this audience.

Security of Your data

All your data is stored on our private cloud database centers. Only you can change, edit or update your data by logging into your account, in certain cases with your permission Premium Profiles might change or update certain information in your profile on your behalf. Only Premium Profiles and its affiliates have access to your data. Your password is fully encrypted to ensure the security and safety of your online identity. All links sent to the employer are secured by multiple RFC4122 UUIDS and 96-bit ObjectIDs to ensure the privacy and secure access. Please note that the links of your profile information sent to clients are of public domain, meaning anyone can access them through the link. Premium Profiles is not responsible for any data leakage by the clients that has the access to the link. Sharing data outside of contracted parties in the client contract is against our policy and illegal.

If you have questions or queries regarding our Privacy Policy, please reach out to us at [email protected]